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Thứ Ba, 14:18 ngày 04/04/2023

 1. The Vietnam Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development publishes scientific articles announcing scientific research works with new scientific content, overview articles on the agriculture and rural development sector that have not been submitted for publication in any kind of journals

2. Articles can be written in Vietnamese (published in the Journal by Vietnamese language) or in English (published in the Journal by English language), drafted on a computer, lines separated by 1, 2 (Paragraph/Line spacing Multiple at 1,2), using the font Times New Roman, font size 12, with a length of no more than 10 pages of A4 size paper including references.

3. Keywords are presented in alphabetical order, from 3 to 5 words. Keywords in Vietnamese and English must have the same content and meaning of the word. The abstract must be no more than 350 words in length, without newline, in font size 10, including: Briefly stating the purpose, research method, and main research results. Articles written in Vietnamese must have abstracts in both English and Vietnamese and must not differ in content or meaning.

4. Articles must be presented in the following order: Title of the article in Vietnamese and English, author(s), author(s) agency name, abstract, keywords, content of the article , acknowledgments (if any), references. Author contact must be indicated with office address, email, and phone number on the front page of the manuscript. Vietnamese proper names must have enough accent marks, including articles in English.

5. References are presented in order of citation and numbered in square brackets in the order they appear in the article and in the list of references.

+ For documents that are articles in the Journal, write in full in the following order: Author's name, year of publication, title of article, title of journal, volume, number, page.

+ For documents being books, write in full in the following order: Name of author, year of publication, title of book, publisher, place of publication.

 If the article is in English, any references that are not in English must be translated into English and captioned in the original language in parentheses.

6. The Vietnam Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development implements the submission process, the online review process on the Journal's software system and uses the database of published Journal, to suggest collaborators, reviewers and readers access the website: http://tapchikhoahocnongnghiep.vn/ and follow the instructions.

7. For details, please contact: Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development; No. 10 Nguyen Cong Hoan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi; Phone: 024.37711070; 024.38345457; 024.37716634. Email: bbtnongnghiep@gmail.com.

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